The Role Of Water Softening In Prolonging Appliance Lifespan

If you're like most people who live in a home with hard water, you're probably already familiar with the havoc its residue can wreak on your skin and hair — but have you considered the impact it has on your appliances? Hard water contains minerals that can build up over time, affecting the efficiency and overall lifespan of the appliance. Here's how having a whole-home water softening system installed can help your household appliances operate more efficiently and last longer: [Read More]

3 Benefits Of Having A Designated Propane Supplier

Most people who use propane wait until their propane levels run low or become exhausted before scheduling a propane tank refill. Hence, they risk the inconvenience of running out of propane at any given time.  There are several benefits to having a designated propane supplier.  1. Access to Smart Monitoring  Most people unexpectedly run out of propane because they do not have a way of monitoring the propane tank levels. Thus, they usually have to wait until the propane runs out before they schedule a propane refill. [Read More]

Grease Trap 101 For New Restaurant Owners

Investing in your first restaurant is a promising venture, but it's one that you shouldn't go into ill-prepared. One of the things that many new restaurant owners don't understand is the importance of addressing the grease trap on a regular basis. Before you find yourself with a plumbing nightmare on your hands, here are a few things that you need to understand: What Problems Can Arise? The grease trap is designed to keep all types of grease and other fats from reaching the sewer system. [Read More]

Your Guide To Water Well Pump Repair And Other Forms Of Maintenance

When you own a well and want to get the absolute most out of it, it's critical that you do all you can to repair it and maintain it. Replacing a well pump is one of the most common forms of repair that you will have to deal with when you want to get the most out of a well. Because of this factor, you will need to reach out to a company like Mike's Drilling that can provide you with well maintenance and repair on your terms. [Read More]