Grease Trap 101 For New Restaurant Owners

Investing in your first restaurant is a promising venture, but it's one that you shouldn't go into ill-prepared. One of the things that many new restaurant owners don't understand is the importance of addressing the grease trap on a regular basis. Before you find yourself with a plumbing nightmare on your hands, here are a few things that you need to understand: What Problems Can Arise? The grease trap is designed to keep all types of grease and other fats from reaching the sewer system. [Read More]

Your Guide To Water Well Pump Repair And Other Forms Of Maintenance

When you own a well and want to get the absolute most out of it, it's critical that you do all you can to repair it and maintain it. Replacing a well pump is one of the most common forms of repair that you will have to deal with when you want to get the most out of a well. Because of this factor, you will need to reach out to a company like Mike's Drilling that can provide you with well maintenance and repair on your terms. [Read More]

How To Choose The Right Solar System For Your Home

Residential solar systems provide the homeowner with a number of benefits, plus, they're great for the environment. From 2006 to 2013, the installation of solar panels grew by 1,000 percent, and that number is expected to rise. If you're among those considering making the investment, you may feel overwhelmed with where to start. Here are three simple steps to choosing the right solar system for your home.  1. Know Your Options [Read More]

How Your Small Business Should Store And Dispose Of Hazardous Waste Products

If you own a small business such as an auto repair shop or dry cleaners that regularly generates hazardous waste products, then it is important you know how to safely store and dispose of them. This is vital because unsafe or improper storage can lead to serious injuries or even death. Hazardous and toxic waste substances are identified as those that have at least one of the following characteristics: flammable corrosive reactive oxidizing harmful to humans harmful to the environment In addition, substances that contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are also classified as toxic wastes and require specialized disposal. [Read More]