Making Trash Disposal Easy For Apartment Tenants

Keeping your apartment complex looking great means giving your tenants a convenient way to dispose of trash. Not only does this keep the area around the apartments attractive in appearance, but it can also help to make your complex more desirable to potential tenants. Here are a few things you can do to make trash disposal easier for the people living in your complex:

Create Multiple Dumpster Areas

While having a centralized dumpster location might make sense for smaller apartment complexes, but larger complexes can benefit from more than one dumpster. Work with your local dumpster rental company to determine how many receptacles are needed based on the number of occupants in your buildings and the distance they will need to walk to take their trash out each day. You may decide that one dumpster per building is the right solution, or you may find that you need one dumpster for every two or three buildings, depending on the number of rental units in each building.

Provide Access To Rolling Carts

Even walking shorter distances while carrying a heavy bag of trash can be cumbersome, and carrying oddly shaped items, such as cardboard boxes, can also be difficult. Consider providing access to rolling carts or bins that your tenants can use to roll their trash from the building to the dumpster area. You can store these carts in small sheds just outside of the back entrance of each building for easy access. Be sure to keep the sheds locked and provide your tenants with keys so they can get the carts when they are needed.

Create A Parking Buffer Zone Around Dumpsters

To prevent people from accidentally rolling their carts into vehicles in the parking lot, create a parking buffer zone around each dumpster. You can use a large fence or concrete posts to section off the area around the dumpsters and have your parking lot spaces repainted to allow for this extra area. By putting a fence or concrete posts in place, you can prevent people from parking directly next to the dumpsters so they can avoid damage to their vehicles. If your lot is short on parking spaces, work with your dumpster rental company to find the right place for the receptacles so you don't have to sacrifice spots in your lot.

Talk to your tenants about their trash concerns, and bring the list of issues with you when you discuss your needs with the dumpster rental company. Together, you can create a solution that keeps your tenants happy while keeping trash where it belongs.